I’m not going to the store soup

I would like to say it’s only because I’m pregnant that I found myself trying to make a concoction for a complete meal without going to the grocery store. But, that’s a lie.

Wasn’t the first time. Won’t be the last.

I’m not a precise cook. If your cooking instructions include measurements like – to taste, just a dot, a handful, a splash, just add more butter – we will get along just fine.

Things I’ve learned: I can pull something off if I have the following – frozen chopped seasoning blend of veggies, cream, fire roasted tomatoes and broth concentrate. Tonight I used three out of those essentials. Here we go …

The only meat I had was some venison sausage. Yep. If that isn’t Arkansas I don’t know what to tell you. So, I started there. (Also, can we talk about the name of this place that processes venison? THE BUCK STOPS HERE! I’m dead. I love Arkansas so much.)

Using my favorite turquoise heavy bottom enamel Dutch oven I browned the sausage and enough of the frozen seasoning blend to cover the bottom of the pan. (Everything tastes better in this sort of pan. And not just because it’s turquoise. My other Dutch oven that is neither enamel or heavy bottom – is also turquoise. Nothing tastes the same as a recipe in my heavy bottom enamel. Get you one.)

While sausage was browning I chopped red potatoes and opened a can of spinach.

Bonus of venison sausage – no draining required because it’s so lean. I added the potatoes and salt, pepper, Italian season and a ton of garlic powder.

Pour in enough hot water to cover the mixture and then add a few squirts of the magic broth concentrate.

I let this cook on medium high until potatoes were soft then added spinach. And then. Wait for it.

The magic ingredient for which there is no substitute. I’ve tried. A small container of heavy whipping cream.

Just let it simmer low for about 15 more minutes, top with fancy shaved Parmesan or other stinky cheese and serve.

This recipe tastes a lot like the yummy white cream soup at Olive Garden (I haven’t been there in a few years but it seems to capture the same flavor).

Here are the deets as close as my non measuring self can get for ya:

Package of venison breakfast sausage

Frozen chopped seasoning blend to cover bottom of large Dutch oven

3 medium red potatoes

1 can drained spinach

Broth concentrate to taste

1 pint heavy whipping cream

Seasoning: dash of salt, cracked black pepper, Italian seasoning and hefty dose of garlic powder.

The result is a hearty, stick- to-your-bones soup that makes me think any day now it will be NOT 85 plus degrees. I know it’s coming any day, fellow southern sweat-ers.

Proof that a pregnant, hungry momma can make it happen without leaving the house!

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